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Our Brand

The Metaphor

In its truest form, a cash cow is a business venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the capital required to start it.

The Color

The green represents greenfield investment spaces – areas ripe for entrepreneurs to build and create – and sustainability.

The Symbolism

In many  cultures, the cow is a symbol for fertility and life. In Hinduism, Nandi (a bull) is revered for his strength, wisdom and morality.

Our Approach


We invest at the Seed & Series A stage. Most of our portfolio companies have an established MVP, proven product/market fit, and strong early traction.

Industry Agnostic

We seek out founders who are leveraging new technology to create  scalable solutions in global markets that transform the way we live and work - we call it Societal Infrastructure.


We believe startups with diverse founding teams bring  diversity of thought & perspective to the problems they are solving, leading to outsized returns.